#rsrh Joe Biden To Open His Mouth in Tampa during GOP convention.

Five bucks says Joe Biden shows up at said convention, somehow gets up on the podium, and introduces Tim Scott (R, SC-01) as the President of the United States.  By accident.

See also Hot Air and AoSHQ for more mockery.

Moe Lane

PS: Reince Priebus understands the Chicago Way.

“I think it’s pretty common among parties to play with each other’s conventions, and we’ll have a pretty big presence in Charlotte as well,” Priebus told Buzzfeed on Tuesday. “The nice thing about going first is that whatever they do to us, we can do ten times over to them.”

“I’m a big believer in: if they punch us, we put on the brass knuckles and punch back,” Priebus said.

You wanna see the clip again?  Well, guess what: I wanna show the clip again.

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  1. Would it be against the rules to let him speak at the convention? I am actually wondering if the dems will let him speak at theirs

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