@BarackObama’s faked, yet ungrammatical (even low-rent) Birther outrage.

See, this is why you need something MORE than a spell-checker for this stuff.

And people all over the country said “…Wait. What?”

…but to be fair, in a certain light this is true. America does deserve better: thus, let us elect Romney-Ryan. After that, then we can deal with whatever issues that might still be extant in our eligibility verification system (I personally don’t think that it’s all THAT big a deal, but people get exercised over it so).   To quote the classics: I like this plan.  I’m excited to be a part of it.

Anyway.  It’s really quite noble of the Obama campaign to volunteer to campaign for its opponents; assuming, of course that they weren’t just all drunk at the time…

Moe Lane

PS: Obama for America either needs to bring their A-Game, or go the hell home.

10 thoughts on “@BarackObama’s faked, yet ungrammatical (even low-rent) Birther outrage.”

  1. Hey, Moe, I have a question. This is the second time a small plane has flown over a Romney rally. Doesn’t he get some air space protection like the president?

    1. Miss Marple: I assume that they vet that. And before anybody says anything: this administration does, in fact, have limits. Obama isn’t, say, Chavez. Or Putin. Or whoever the hell is the front man for the ChiComs right now.

  2. The obvious next question: could Republican operatives fly a (presumably vetted) airplane over an Obama campaign event?

    And if so… what should the banner say?

  3. “And if so… what should the banner say?”

    Doesn’t matter what it says. The press will claim that it’s racist.

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