#rsrh Today’s ‘Republicans are Nazis’ comparison will be brought to us by Dick… Harpootlian.

And who is Dick… Harpootlian, I hear you ask?  Why, he’s the head of the Democratic party in South Carolina!


Yeah, I know: there’s little that you could do to the man that’s more degrading than being that.  Still, old Dick seems to be living down to the job:

On Gov. Nikki Haley participating in daily news briefings in a basement studio at the NASCAR Hall of Fame: “She was down in the bunker a la Eva Braun.”

Harpootlian – hold on: let me poison the well a little by noting that gay-baiting is apparently his favorite shtick; admittedly, it’s not apropos to this conversation, but it’s always nice to note that for Democrats speech codes are things that other people have to follow – managed to then insult the entire South Carolina electorate (“An educated population would not elect a Nikki Haley”) before somebody came to deniably yank the mike from his hands.  No word if Dick managed to end his act first by making a mess in his pants; admittedly, the guy’s a bit young for senile dementia, but that can sometimes strike early.

What?  It’s a joke!  Just like Dick’s! Lighten up, kid.

Via Doc Holliday, in comments.

Moe Lane

PS: It might surprise you to hear that I actually think that the GOP in South Carolina would be better off if it had a credible opposition party.  I just suspect that they won’t get one as long as Dick… Harpootlian is running the Democratic party, down there.

11 thoughts on “#rsrh Today’s ‘Republicans are Nazis’ comparison will be brought to us by Dick… Harpootlian.”

  1. Godwin would need to invent a whole new law for this guy. Exposure to him is liable to reduce IQ points by a standard deviation at least.

  2. or an idiot — either works though we might be accused of degrading the reputations of deviants and idiots.

  3. I’m just wondering how much of a field day would be had if this guy had represented, I dunno .. Chicago GOP or something.


  4. Speaking of Chicago, did you see Rahm could only give Obama an incomplete. I asked my liberal friend, “if a candidate comes before Americans asking to be re-elected, shouldn’t the guy who spent 1/2 his term as Chief of Staff be able to make a better case than incomplete?” #Silence….

  5. Hitler learns that his mistress is the governor of South Carolina. Hmm, love to see documentary evidence of that

  6. “Dick Harpootlian is an angry, hateful man that continues to embarrass South Carolina every time he opens his mouth,” – Nikki Haley – who continues to drip awesomeness.

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