Note to self: never suggest ‘light and fluffy’ as an option…

…ever, ever again.

Dear GOD but am I infuriated right now.  Which is why I am showing people this, from an email that I got: frankly, everybody else could probably use a distraction, too.

5 thoughts on “Note to self: never suggest ‘light and fluffy’ as an option…”

  1. I’m pissed too and the administration seems to be absolutely incompetent, or so scared that they are about to be Jimmy Carter redux they can’t or won’t act.

    The way they are acting they are just asking for more of the same. There are ways to handle this, a good first step is that you summon the Egyptian ambassador to the carpet at foggy bottom and you don’t take “No” or “He is indisposed” for an answer.

  2. It’s always ha-ha-we’re-going-on-Letterman-fun-n-games with these people until a Border Patrol agent or consular official gets killed. Then it’s sweep-them-under-the-carpet-and-we’ll-go-back-to-fun-in-24-hours.

    I am so honestly pissed off right now I’m literally seeing spots. We do not have a man in charge. We have a cocky man child who needed a lot…

    Screw it. Too angry to keep typing.

  3. It’s been hours, why are Libyaq and Egypt still independent countries? Why can’t I find a quote or anything from the president on what happened today?

  4. I’m angry too. But I’m good at hiding my feelings, always have been. We who hunt the night are like that. Just wanted to let Doug and RND know they’re not alone, in how they feel. It looks more and more like O’Bama is setting up for a Carter Redo, problem is, this isn’t then.

  5. A quibble, Mr. Lane – Please don’t let the opportunity to show how ‘alien’ Obama’s reaction is here.

    Do the math – Carter’s nightmare started in 1979.

    In 1979, Barack Obama was 18, and left the choom-filled halls of Punahao for Occidental. I doubt the Iranian nightmare penetrated the liberal/stoner subculture….so his response is a non-response… he doesn’t understand history, and lacks even Carter’s meager Naval record to fall back on.

    It’s pathetic, but in a very non-mainstream-americana way.


    (no, cat isn’t going birfer…one can be alien without being an alien)

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