11 thoughts on “Randall Munroe is GLORIOUSLY insane.”

  1. According to the XKCD forums, this or tomorrow’s may be his last XKCD comic. The far right of the comic has a reference to the first, http://xkcd.com/1/ and it is eerily similar to the final Calvin & Hobbes strip.

    Would be sad if it’s true.

  2. I noted the Mario bits, of course .. and the X-wing.

    And if Munroe does hang it up, it’ll be a very sad day.


  3. If this thread were in ancient Greek or Klingon I would understand it just as much. My advice, and I know it is a minority opinion, is for you guys to watch the entire Man With no Name Trilogy, stat! 🙂

  4. Okay, finally found the far right edge, and .. not convinced that’s what it means, AveSharia… there’s a lot of other XKCD self-references (not to mention all the pop culture references…) in there.


  5. Yeah, I know it was the title, but just figured it was a reference I was too thick to get.
    (So, I guess I was right… From a certain point of view…)

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