I’m not even watching football this year and this @tjlang70 guy still wins the Internet.

I can’t exactly put my finger on why this is hysterical…

…but judging from my Twitter timeline, I’m hardly the only person to think so.

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  1. Packer fans are whining because the Replacement Refs forgot the Packer Rules for 1 play: “The Green Bay Packers are to get all borderline calls.”

    And anyone saying they should’ve called Pass Interference on a Hail Mary pass. Nope. That doesn’t happen, ever. Or it would be called on ‘every’ Hail Mary pass. A dozen people going up for the same ball at once are going to hit one another, and jockey for position.

    Green Bay won’t ask the real question: Why did our offensive line suck so bad to cause Aaron Rodgers to be turned to road-kill? Can’t wait until Jared Allen gets to rush that keystone cops crew.

  2. Notice oh TJ isn’t walking off the job and actually surrendering game checks. As Shawn says, the media ganged that last play to fit a meme not to admit it was bang, bang and the call could have been, gulp, correct?

  3. The funny part is that players are fined for all sorts of things that the commish thinks tarnishes the “integrity of the Game” Yet they are arguing over a couple mill with the refs, the replacements are cast-offs from all sorts of low tier college, semi-pro leagues including the Lingerie league. The NFL stepped in a large, stinky pile of turd with this impasse.
    The players threatened to strike before the season over safety concerns. Fortunately that has not happened yet but the play has been much more chippy this year than normal because players are getting away with more physical play.

  4. From Violins and Starships, hat tip to Samizdata.net.

    A Quick NFL Football Opinion
    September 24th, 2012

    I have no idea what the problem is with the referees – my heart tells me to blame the NFL – but, as with most such situations, I think all parties involved in the negotiations should be locked in a room with no food, nothing to drink except tap water, only metal folding chairs to sit on, and NO modern facilities, and forced to stay there until they come to an agreement. That’s just my opinion, of course, but I happen to be right.

  5. I am not sure why Republicans are so quick to bring up this NFL ref issue. Maybe I am missing a political tact here, but calling for the “real refs” to come back is defending the collective bargaining of the Zebra Union right?

    I guess it is possible for the masses to turn on unions because the ref union is “ruining the game”, but I doubt that is the conclusion most fans will come to.

    I don’t say “bring back the real refs” I say, inspiring new refs better be studying film and working overtime in other leagues, such as college football.

    The time is ripe for those who want to move up the ladder to train, study, aspire, and achieve. The NFL ref market should be a free market, as all markets should be. Are all the “replacement referees” horrible? And I never new fans liked the “real refs” so much. I guess I just ignored the fact that when the real refs were in, no one ever complained of blown calls.

  6. Defending the collective bargining? Maybe but do remember it’s a lockout, not a strike.

    Are all the replacements bad? Some (one?) of these guys got fired for incompetence from the lingerie league. None of the NCAA (and therefore second tier) refs wanted to touch the jobs with a 10 foot poll.

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