#rsrh You know, when GEORGE W BUSH was President we didn’t flatter Holocaust-denying regimes.

We have a bit of a tradition in this country: it’s one that sprang up when the Iranian regime decided to make the Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying theocratic nutjob Mahmoud Ahmadinejad its public face.  Essentially, this tradition was to make it clear that while it was reluctantly understood that the realities of having United Nations HQ in NYC meant that sometimes we’re forced to let representatives of regimes that we despise come by and stink up the country for a while, it doesn’t mean that we want to make them feel welcome.  Because they aren’t.  So, when it coems to Ahmadinejad… we walked out on him in 2011. We walked out in 2010. We boycotted in 2009. We left behind a single non-diplomat note taker in 2008. We left behind a single non-diplomat note taker in 2007. And 2006. And 2005.  We have, in fact, been formally walking out on, spurning, and otherwise generally showing our public disapproval for aforementioned Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying theocratic nutjob since he was assigned to his position.

Times change.

“US Officials Stay Seated For Ahmadinejad’s Speech, Israel Walks Out” is how Breitbart put it. I’ll put it as Obama administration embarrasses us on the world stage.  Again.  This is, of course, not  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s main speech – that’s been (perhaps malignantly) scheduled for Wednesday, which is also Yom Kippur.  But I am not exactly filled with confidence that this administration has not quietly decided that pandering to the Iranian regime might be one of those super-double-smart diplomatic maneuvers that they’ve read about.  Alternatively, this administration might have simply neglected to consider how bad this might look.  Malice or incompetence: you never know, with this crowd.

Moe Lane

PS: I invite the people reading this who might happen to be both a) Democrats and b) as offended by this as I am to take a really good look around over the next couple of days and see who on the Left is apologizing for this decision – or, indeed, praising it.  It should prove… instructive.

17 thoughts on “#rsrh You know, when GEORGE W BUSH was President we didn’t flatter Holocaust-denying regimes.”

  1. I think we should stay and blast ‘Party Rock Anthem’ from a a 1980’s era boom box. It’s not like they would kick us out – perhaps send us a sternly worded letter but no actual action.

  2. I will not submit.

    Not to their dime-store-hood prophet, not to this dime-store-hood president.

    I have that freedom, paid for in blood and tears.

    We are, I fear, slouching toward that game of Cowboys and Arabs .. and this move takes us closer rather than farther away from the conflict.

    Obama tries a world-class pander, looks a world-class fool.


  3. Holy crap. I’m sure the Obamists will be arguing that it’s just another of those ill-considered Bush-era policies that have gone unrectified until now. And that Obama will be getting around to axing the Bush-era tax cuts real soon now. And that Obama will work on the Guantanamo problem during his second term, if only he were allowed to.

    It’s all horseshit. There are so many layers of horseshit now that it’s practically impossible to find the barn floor under it all.

    I explained to some Israeli friends of mine that I believed that the Obama administration would be doing nothing to constrain the development of nuclear capability in Iran, and they looked quite unhappy. I think the consensus among the people I worked with over there is (these are mostly former Israeli Air Force pilots, FWIW) that for Israel to Do Something About Iran would be a matter of last resort, and that the right way to go about it would be for the rest of the sane world to intervene. I told them that I wasn’t at all confident that Obama was inclined to do that. Actually, that Obama was inclined not to do that.

    Not that I know anything about administration policies or plans. I don’t know anything more than what you’ve read in the papers, or seen spattered on the papers.

  4. First get this straight: Obama flat doesn’t know any better. He is too stupid to understand what is at risk. He is not evil, just stupid. He proves his stupidity every time he opens his mouth.

    If he were to get an electric shock every time he uses the personal pronoun “I”. it would be a never ending jolt.

  5. “Malice or incompetence: you never know, with this crowd.”

    Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.

  6. @Frederick Aziz: I’d go with hopelessly naive. We’ve developed a set of people who believe the world the HuffPo portrays actually exists. Obama is absolutely one of them. For all of his flaws, GWB was a shepherd. Obama is a sheep. In a world full of wolves like a-jad, the POTUS cannot be a sheep. Romney, also flawed, seems like s shepherd, too,

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