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…that I spent the time period from 7 to 8 being heavily impressed with Univision’s coverage of Operation Fast & Furious, despite the fact that I don’t speak Spanish and I was counting on people doing running translations for me.  I will have to sit down and watch the whole thing again once it’s subtitled, but this is my first takeaway: Univision made a compelling case that the US government is stonewalling any kind of meaningful investigation into what the hell happened, and it did so all the more powerfully by not taking a partisan political side.

But I will. I am with Paul Ryan on this:  FIRE ERIC HOLDER.  NOW.  And note that we’ve all been saying this for over a year at this point.

9 thoughts on “#rsrh If you follow me (@moelane) on Twitter then you know…”

  1. The take at Hot AIr is that it is basically a hit piece on US gun laws and doesn’t mention HOlder or Obama.

  2. I believe Sooper Mexican has at least some of it up with transcriptions you can get to him by a link at The Other MCcain site.

  3. That link at Hot Air to the ABC story basically says Justice wanted to do something, but everybody was mean to Holder–so they didn’t. Whaaaa?

  4. Also–it wasn’t a ‘tracing’ operation, they didn’t ‘lose track’ of weapons. They walked them, and watched bodies pile up.

  5. It was all to build flow charts, at least that’s the best reason I can come up with for such botched up program. There is the theory that it was to create a push for gun control. And the theory that it was to create so much unrest in Mexico so as to force large numbers of illegals to cross the border that amnesty would be impossible not to grant, along with a push for gun control. Giving the Dems added voter strength for this Election.

  6. Oh and Holder shouldn’t just be fired he should be prosecuted as an Accessory Before The Fact in at Least 200 murders. Or extradited to Mexico so they can do it.

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