#rsrh Tweet of the Day, :monotone: Deplorable. Absolutely Deplorable edition.

I am, of course, appalled.

Absolutely and utterly appalled. I may even have an episode over this.


6 thoughts on “#rsrh Tweet of the Day, :monotone: Deplorable. Absolutely Deplorable edition.”

  1. No, you’re not alone. And be ready for that one incident to justify every single bit of retaliation that follows.

  2. Cam: You mean, every single bit of the stuff they were gonna do anyway, and then claim this as an excuse?

  3. Dave: Exactly. Other than supporting Obama, exactly what did the volunteers at that office do to deserve it? If you are telling me that they personally were engaged in equally horrible acts, I’ll apologize for my stance on this.
    And no, I’m not advocating taking the “moral high ground” on this. I just don’t think we should be handing the other side ammunition.

  4. Cameron: Other than suporting the most destructive president America has ever seen, and still supporting him even though his nature has been made manifest? Oh, that? See, I’m not in the mood to be forgiving towards The Disaster’s enablers.
    And I’m thinking you didn’t read my post. Provably, they don’t NEED ‘ammunition’. They’re alerady beyond the pale, and trying to pacify them by playing civilized is jsut going to fail.

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