#rsrh QotD, Victor Davis Hanson Knows Just Where To Stick The Knife edition.

Not surprising: I believe that the man is still technically a Democrat (or that he was one until recently). That means that he knows where the sensitive bits are.

Liberals used to go gaga over the man who promised that Guantanamo and renditions would be part of our distant criminal past, only to gag that he has embraced and expanded almost every one of the Bush-Cheney protocols that he once demagogued. Obama even recruited Yale Law Dean Harold Koh, who used to sue the government on behalf of Guantanamo detainees, to write surreal briefs explaining why stepped-up Predator missions can quite legally vaporize American citizens suspected of terrorism, and why American planes dropping bombs over a foreign country do not constitute warlike acts. A Yale Law dean who does that is like the proverbial dog walking on two legs, eliciting wonder not just that it is done, but why it is even attempted.

I wonder (but do not particularly care) whether antiwar progressives ever contemplate the equivalent of that paragraph, then go get blind, stinking drunk…

One thought on “#rsrh QotD, Victor Davis Hanson Knows Just Where To Stick The Knife edition.”

  1. There’s no such thing as an anti-war progressive, the whole hyphenated-progressive thing is a sham, a “flag of convenience” shell game, like illegal fishing. Get busted one week, simply retcon yourself a different flag – Cambodia, Honduras, North Korea – so many flags.
    A progressive today is no longer anti-war, he or she is anti-something-else… with the same true goal of getting rid of those pesky conservatives.
    The cognitive dissonance bothers them about as much as throwing trash over the side at night bothers a cruise ship captain… that is, not at all unless he or she gets caught.

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