Tweet of the Day, …Oh. Oh My edition.

If this is true, well, it says it all:

Jeremy was that poor kid in the debate last night who was terrified to be on national television asking the current President (and the next one) a question. I’m not going to hate on him; it’s tough to speak in public if you don’t have the right skill- and mindset. Besides, if the above is true I’d have to say that his instincts are pretty sound.

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, …Oh. Oh My edition.”

  1. Word on the street is that the President also bragged to Jeremy that he (Obama) could probably school him on the court.

    And now, my calming mantra: Threemoreweeksthreemoreweeksthreemoreweeks…

  2. I’d have come back with: since neither of us will have a day job in this economy after November 6th, we would have plenty of time to find out….

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