National, WA State Democrats take in 121K of Catholic-hating cultist money!

Well. This was highly disturbing to read:

Democrats on the bottom of the ticket in Washington state all the way to the very top are caught in a pickle. Stand against religious bigotry or give back some $60,000 in state campaign cash contributed by world-famous spiritual channeler JZ Knight after videos showing Knight preaching hatred of Catholics became public.

In a story that may become a national news story as soon as tomorrow morning, Knight is seen and heard on video to let loose a profanity-strewn rant against Catholics and has been a frequent and generous contributor to Democrats here in Washington and at the national level. Knight’s contributions to Democrat at all levels total more than $120,000 for the current election cycle.

Ms. Knight also seems to have a bit of a problem with gay people and Jews – the latter being a fairly standard marker for the tertiary stage of conspiracy theory dementia, which is remarkably present in at least the first of two videos at the link.  I have no intention of reposting said video: the language used by Knight when referring to the Catholic Church violates the site standards for basic decent behavior at every blog that I have ever written for, and fifty years ago would have been seen as justification for starting a brawl.

Needless to say, Washington state Democrats have no intention of giving any of that dirty cult money back.  Which is almost as instructive as the fact that, when Ms. Knight was called out for her disgusting comments about Catholics, gays, and Jews, her spokesman felt obligated to spin away only the remarks involving the first two groups…

Via @Opiniatedcath and Midwest Conservative Journal.

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PS: The Washington GOP would LOVE to hear from you, of course.

4 thoughts on “National, WA State Democrats take in 121K of Catholic-hating cultist money!”

  1. World famous? I’ve never heard of JZ Knight. In fact, I’m not going to google her either, so I can maintain that happy state of ignorance.

  2. Heh. And only today a lefty acquaintance was extrapolating some Billy Graham bloviating to smear the GOP …


  3. Unbelievably vile. That woman is in need of some serious psych meds or an exorcism. Possibly both.

  4. And today I had a Facebook friend get all in a huff because I didn’t use the honorific “President” when talking about Obama.

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