Scenes From the Class(less) Struggle In (Apparently) Ohio*…

…got to love Obama for America’s outreach program, huh?

Charming. Hopefully that camera has a zoom function…

Moe Lane

*If you’ve never seen Scenes From the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills… well. It’s worth watching, but… well… um… yeah. Hoo, boy, hard to describe that one.

4 thoughts on “Scenes From the Class(less) Struggle In (Apparently) Ohio*…”

  1. I’m seeing a lot of those plastic/Mylar stretch signs on both sides this year, and they just don’t hold up well to a strong wind, much less the boots of leftwing thug.

  2. Time for AG Holder to jump into action and arrest the thug who impeded the view of the road with a large white sign. The safety-concsience citizen shown in the picture should receive an accommodation.

  3. @Jetty – the “accommodation” this cat will offer is letting the thief keep both hands in exchange for a news article attaching a name to the picture.
    The “commendation” that A.G. holder would likely offer is probably an Order of Merit .. Perhaps A.G. Holder knows to go look for something appropriate at ..

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