Obama for America: Go phone bank! …In the middle of the hurricane!

Spoiler warning: DON’T.

You have got to be kidding me.

…For those who can’t see the photo: Fox News is reporting an email where Obama for America asked for volunteers to man the Annapolis, MD phone banks, starting at 5:30 PM this afternoon.  At that point, Hurricane Sandy will be descending upon the Chesapeake Bay area and will make landfall some time between 8 PM this evening and 8 AM tomorrow.  Annapolis is in the possible storm track.  It WILL get hammered by winds, rain, and flooding.


Sheesh.  Are there no adults in Obama for America?  …Sorry, rhetorical question.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

9 thoughts on “Obama for America: Go phone bank! …In the middle of the hurricane!”

  1. What the body counts in Libya and Mexico aren’t enough? This administration may well be headed for an episode of “Criminal Minds”. Wow, just wow. Citizens of Annapolis, I know you have a worthless douchebag for a governor so I’ll quote a real Governor, “Don’t be stupid, Get out!” – Governor Chris Christie.

  2. Unrelated: Munroe has an interesting chart up today.
    I do not have the math skillz to review the model used to determine “ideology”, but .. two interesting things include that the center-right has dwindled to near-nothing since 1984, and John McCain is not listed although Obama, Biden, and Ryan are…

  3. Based on a quick look at Google Maps, that address appears to be about six blocks from the waterfront in Acton Cove. I don’t know what the slope is like there, but I have a suspicion that the storm surge is going to be pretty significant in that neighborhood.

  4. Moe — we’re fine. We’re high enough up on a ridge that flooding isn’t an issue for us. The lights are flickering from time to time (a lot of people on my neighborhood list-serv have lost power), and we’re going to sleep in the basement tonight, but that’s strictly a precautionary measure.

    I’m glad you guys are OK, too.

    In case I don’t have a chance to send a link, you should probably post some of the pictures of the sentinels at the Tomb of The Unknowns. On post, no matter what.

  5. On a little further digging, the most common picture that I’ve seen is actually from September; however, the 3rd Infantry Regiment (the Old Guard) has posted a link to an actual picture from today:


    Nonetheless, they are still inspiring, no matter what or when. If someone from the Old Guard happens to see this, or someone who has been part of the Tomb Guard detail… thank you.

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