Tweet/YouTube of the Day, Chris Wallace Makes Axelrod Squirm edition.

Oh, this is entertaining:

For those without video: Chris Wallace points out that early voting in Ohio kind of, well, sucks for the Democrats – as in, ACCORDING TO THE ROMNEY CAMPAIGN (this is important), it’s at the point where the net gain for the Republicans will wipe out Obama’s 2008 margin of victory in Ohio. This is important because Republicans traditionally do better on Election Day voters than Democrats; if that holds true (which is quietly conceded by pretty much everyone), then Ohio is going to go for Romney.

There are three things that Axelrod could have said in response here, right off the bat (that’s also important)

  1. (If Axelrod knew that Obama was doing better in EV crossover than Romney was) “Those numbers from the Romney campaign are complete nonsense, Chris.  We know for a fact that we’re hitting the early vote numbers we need for victory in Ohio…”
  2. (If Axelrod knew that his ground game was going to beat Romney’s) “So what?  We have beaten the Romney campaign when it comes to ground game, and both sides know it.  Look at the numbers [and then reel off stats]…”
  3. (If Axelrod knew that the EV vote was bad news for Obama, and that the ground game was bad news for Obama, and that Ohio was shaping up to be bad news for Obama) “Well I’ll tell you what, Chris, we’ll know in two days what the, what the, who is bluffing and who is not bluffing…”

Guess which one Axelrod picked? Yup, #3. And in the process, effectively created a free one-minute web ad for the Republicans where we can see a top Democratic spokesman tacitly concede the claims of the Republican party about Ohio early voting.

Thanks, David!

Moe Lane

PS: Oh, I’m sure that Axelrod recovered.  But this is a post in terms of first response, not one of whatever the heck the spin is coming today from Team Magical Space Unicorn.  These guys are just trying to get to the final bell at this point, honestly.

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