Democrats keep leadership team that cost them the House in ’12.

Reports are in that Nancy Pelosi will stay on as House Minority Leader and Steve Israel as DCCC chair, despite the fact that neither could ever quite manage to translate a Democratic registration advantage of +6 in 2012 into more than… hold on; let me check… six House seats, net. At best.  Which is in its way a shame: I was personally planning to speed her way out the door by thanking Nancy for all her hard work in reauthorizing FISA under the very noses of the very progressives who urged her to stay on and…

Actually, I don’t know what Nancy Pelosi plans to do.  I know that this is the point in the script where the Democrats are supposed to come up with their Big Plan to take the House of Representatives back, but the last two years have pretty much demonstrated that the former Speaker doesn’t particular ability to overcome the obstacles associated with her fall from power.  She’s just been sort of… there.

Oh, well, not really my problem.

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