Breaking: Right-to-Work legislation passes Michigan State House.

The Monroe News has reported that the legislation (part of House Bill 4054) just (4:45 PM) passed 58-52 in the state house, and will now go to the State Senate (I’m being told that the Senate will vote on this legislation within five business days).  Governor Rick Snyder (R) has already indicated that he will sign the legislation if it gets to his desk; given that the Michigan Senate has a two-to-one Republican majority, this is likely to occur.  Right-to-work opponents have already showed their disapproval of the measure, to the point where the cops had to use pepper spray to get control of the Michigan State Capitol.  All in all, today’s demonstration is unlikely to be the only response by Big Labor to Michigan’s union reform bill/law, in the same way that water is somewhat wet and the sun’s surface can get a trifle warm sometimes.

More as it happens.

UPDATE: Annnnnd Fox News reports that they’ve just passed a similar bill in the Senate.  Five-day delay before the final version gets passed; I assume that the first labor-induced (I am so dreadfully sorry for that) rioting has been tentatively penciled in for Monday morning.

Moe Lane (“Breaking: Right-to-Work legislation passes Michigan State House.“)


17 thoughts on “Breaking: Right-to-Work legislation passes Michigan State House.”

  1. I expect the unions to do real (gbh level) violence over this before all is said and done, and the US justice department to give them cover for it. I’d reeeaaaally like to be proven wrong in those expectations………..

    1. Considering a strike at the newspapers when I lived in Detroit (mid ’90s) involved star nails and pipe bombs…

      1. Yeah, that’s an encouraging bit of history, there…. smdh. Maybe things won’t go that far, this time?

  2. Passing is one thing, implementing is another. My bet is that it will be placed on hold until the inevitable referendum next year.

  3. I will say, I did not expect Snyder to change his mind given his reputation as a “don’t rock the boat” type. Happy to be proven wrong and even happier for the state of MI. Now the hard work of defending against the union onslaught begins. Anyone know if MI allows recall elections? What’s the balance of the MI Supreme Court? They have ballot initiatives there so, there will be an initiative to repeal.

    1. Recalls are possible, court barely leans R. Snyder did not want this fight, this was forced by the house Rs.
      Best name for this bill that I’ve seen is the Bob King RTW act after the head of the UAW and his attempt in the electon to codify the union rules in state constitutions.

      1. Michigan and Wisconsin are long-term rivals .. and right now, the Wisconsin economy is better.
        On some level this might .. *might* .. be a factor….
        That it also gives Wayne County some extra tools to prepare for the inevitable failure of Detroit.

        1. Wisconsin isn’t our rival, just the state south of us that holds that cesspool in Columbus.

          1. Yes, I’m familiar with the football rivalry… heard enough Buckeyes chanting something about “the whole state of Michigan” for one life.
            Thing is, in *economic* terms, Michigan and Wisconsin are more similar than either are to Ohio….

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