Labor union goons go violent in Michigan.

Scenes from the lack-of-class struggle in Lansing, Michigan: first off, the destruction of the Americans for Prosperity tent by union goons.  Apparently merely existing was too much of a provocation.

Reportedly, two of the people in that tent when it was torn down were in wheelchairs.  I assume that I don’t have to explain why going after people in wheelchairs is close to the very definition of “barbarian?”

And here’s Steven Crowder getting swung at, and later sucker-punched. Because that’s what real men do; go after opponents when their backs are turned.

…You know, I watch things like this, and I am forced to admit something: the psychologists are maybe right after all. There may very well be a lot of Lefties out there with profound daddy issues, and not just among their white-collar types.  I weep for the American labor movement.  No, really: my father’s family’s been union since we got off the boat.  This literally isn’t what they bargained for.

Moe Lane

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  1. Meaning no offense to your family, Moe, I’m gonna suggest looking at some of the history of the labor movement….
    Specifically Chicago in the 1850s…
    *Very* specifically, I want to direct you to the Anarchist ties, the attempts to use organizations of unskilled labor for political purposes, and the fact that there’s a clear difference of goals between *labor* unions (kin to above anarchist rabble) and *trade* unions (kin to guilds) yet both are now under the “Union” banner…
    This latest unpleasantness, Moe, leads me to conclude that the trades have been subsumed by the labor unions, that the labor union leaders still want what they’ve always wanted .. a different but equal way to the executive washroom .. and that like their anarchist fellow travelers they’re not afraid to be the first to resort to violence.

  2. This is going to get really bad. But then they did try to pass prop 2 and failed so they’ve got it coming to them. Moral of the story “let sleeping dogs lie”.

  3. Just about everyone in my family, myself included, has had problems with unions. Not to the level we’re seeing on those videos but we’ve had our problems.
    Any sympathy I could possibly have had is over with. And yes, you do have to explain why bringing harm to people in wheelchairs is not civilized behavior.

  4. While certainly an maddening assault, I will be even more upset/frightened/worried if there is no official response to this. If someone isn’t in jail through the work of the local police, then we’re in a worse spot that I thought. Acting like a 7 year old is one thing. Assault is another. This sort of “looking away” thing occurred in WI for the Madison occupation. People gained/maintained unapproved access to the rotunda due to police putting union before law. It wasn’t, however, to cover for physical violence.

    And I specifically picked the age. My daughter came home with a book that these thugs should read again (assuming they know how to read)…”The Little Red Hen”. My kid now understands more about American economics (as intended) than a US President and 60% of the country. Makes me wonder if the book’s even on the shelves in MI schools.

      1. We’ve read plenty of Suess….but haven’t run across this one. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

        But…wow…how do so many not learn these basic truths. I have this urge to trace it back to Moe’s point on missing dads/daddy issues.

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