Calfornia Democrats about to get their equivalent of the 111th Congress.

I do not see how this could possibly end badly for the state of California: “With a Supermajority, California Democrats Begin to Make Plans

The Democratic Party has controlled the California Legislature for a nearly unbroken stretch of 42 years. Yet control goes only so far: it takes two-thirds of the Legislature to enact a host of important legislation in this state, meaning that even the diminished Republican Party has been able to easily frustrate Democratic ambitions.

But with a swell of electoral victories in November, the Democratic Party has now crossed that boundary and controls two-thirds of both the Senate and the Assembly, giving it the kind of unfettered power that no party has had here for 80 years.


Moe Lane

PS: Speaking of plans: here’s mine for when the state of California declares bankruptcy and we have to bail the fools out. My price for this? Hacking up the state, once and for all. Clearly the Democratic party simply can’t handle governing populations that large…

10 thoughts on “Calfornia Democrats about to get their equivalent of the 111th Congress.”

  1. I only count 3 new States in your diagram, should be 5. The orange should become Jefferson (or Hemptopia, whatever) and the purple should become West Nevada (or East California) …
    It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the SanFran area would want to become its’ own State if it can’t be the capitol of Jefferson (or Hemptopia, whatever), but that’s up to the plebiscite.

    1. The idea there is to use the orange to infect Oregon and the purple to keep North and South California nice and evenly matched with each other.

      1. Oregon is pretty precariously balanced as it is .. just needs some work in the Portland suburbs. Adding that much rural farm and mineral land would probably about tip it Red.
        I do like the balance of North and South, though … and frankly, we’ve gotten out of the habit of changing State boundaries to match the times… (stares at West Virginia)

  2. I think Red, Green and Blue should be named East IToldYouSo, North IWarnedYou and South ConservativesWereRight.

  3. Couldn’t we just sell it back to Mexico? View as a 150+ year lease, sell it back at profit, they get stuck with our wingbats. Bonus: most of the illegal immigrants live in CA, thereby solving most of that problem.

  4. Got out of there just in time. I just wish my bolt hole in FL felt more secure. I have a nagging feeling that Scott is not going to get a second term.

      1. I don’t want him to lose. I want him to win. I’m also not convinced we have any replacements.

  5. I saw a nice breakup of CA into Southern, Northern and Coastal California; SoCA was the southern quarter of the state, CoCA was from there up the coast about 50 miles inland to cover the Bay Area, and NoCA was the rest. According to the article, SoCA and NoCA would be purple states, and CoCA would isolate all the hard-left moonbats into one state.

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