“…BOOKER!” vs. Frank Lautenberg’s staff in 2014 New Jersey Senate race.

Well, I’m not going to pretend that Lautenberg is running the show.

Anyway, it’s official: Newark mayor Cory Booker will avoid losing to Chris Christie in next year’s gubernatorial election, and instead go after the increasingly comatose Frank Lautenberg’s Senate seat.  Via the National Journal: “I will explore the possibility of running for The United States Senate in 2014.”  I can’t say that I’m surprised: my mom’s a hardcore liberal Democrat and SHE’S voting for Christie next year.  Mayor Booker’s under no obligation to walk into the buzzsaw on this one.

As to whether Booker will win… well, if Lautenberg’s staff wants to make a fight of it they’ll be tougher to beat than people will give them credit for.  Add to that the minor detail that white Democrats tend to not vote for black ones in statewide primaries* and you’re looking at possibly a surprisingly competitive primary.

Moe Lane

*Hey, you know what would solve that problem?  Cory Booker could switch parties!  After all, we have cookies.

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