Ah, slightly peeved reviews of the Hobbit. Enjoyable, they are.

I know that this somewhat snarky Slate review of the Hobbit was probably meant to infuriate me:

…a moment when the dwarves, gathered around the fire on the eve of their departure, spontaneously burst into a ballad of longing for their lost homeland. Truth be told, I kind of enjoyed the solemn melancholy of that dwarf ballad, but did it need to contain so many stanzas?

Fortunately, I can chuckle about it.  Largely because Peter Jackson made this movie for me, me, ME! – and it’s already brought in $123M domestic in eight days*; so go chew some cram, haters.  Don’t worry if you don’t know what cram is; Peter will be happy to show you.  And make jokes about it that will have me rolling in the aisle, at least.

Moe Lane

PS: For the record, the poem in question was drastically cut down in length for the film. And, yeah, I was disappointed by that.

*Translation: “He’s going to get away with it.”

3 thoughts on “Ah, slightly peeved reviews of the Hobbit. Enjoyable, they are.”

  1. Why did it need so many stanzas? Maybe because, in the source material, *it has that many stanzas*?
    Sheesh! I thought the “review” whining about how “this Tolkien fellow” stole everything from J.K. Rowling was bad, this is just pathetic!

  2. I’ve told people “if you can recite the riddles along with Gollum and Bilbo, this is your movie; if not you might be disappointed”.
    I will say that Peter Jackson turned Sylvester McCoy from my least favorite Doctor to an actor I will no longer avoid.
    And I already liked James Nesbitt.

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