Journal News helpfully tells criminals which NY residences to avoid.

I understand that the idea here by the Journal News was to intimidate/harass New York handgun owners by publishing their names and addresses, but the reality is that everybody on that map listed as having a handgun permit is now at least slightly less likely to be burgled.  Seriously: if you robbed houses in Westchester and Rockland counties, wouldn’t you check this database first?  After all, while New York’s Castle Doctrine policies are weaker than in other states, it explicitly indicates that you can shoot a burglar:

A person in possession or control of, or licensed or privileged to   be in, a dwelling or an occupied building, who reasonably believes  that another  person is committing or attempting to commit a burglary of such dwelling or building, may use deadly  physical  force  upon  such  other person  when  he  or  she  reasonably  believes  such to be necessary to prevent or terminate the commission  or  attempted  commission  of  such burglary.

In other words: you know who should be ticked about this?  People in those counties without handgun permits.  Because burglars are gonna burgle.

Moe Lane

PS:  …Dumb*sses.

11 thoughts on “Journal News helpfully tells criminals which NY residences to avoid.”

  1. Sooooo, an alternate headline could be “Journal News Sets Up It’s Own Readership for Burgleries”?
    Merry Christmas, JN readership?

    1. Or “Journal News provides criminals with list of spots to steal a gun”….
      I can’t find a way that it works to make the JN look *good* .. but plenty of ways it makes ’em look like brain-dead zombie liberals….

  2. Tip from a local LEO if you have to kill an intruder make sure the body is inside the residence when the PD show up. Just saying.

    1. I’ll accept that in the spirit it is offered. However, I live in rural Georgia, and the local leo’s advice was “Make sure they’re good and dead.”

      1. “If you have rounds left, and he’s still alive… well, somebody’s bein’ a little too cheap.”

        1. LOL, don’t expect either of those conditions to apply if I have to take down an intruder. When I’m asked “Why did you shoot him seven times” I’m gonna answer “Because the clip doesn’t hold eight”………….

  3. You would think that the papers would have learned the lesson from the Roanoke Times did the exact same thing. Good on Ace for publishing the editor’s information in return.

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