Lisa Jackson forced out of EPA.

Ostensible reason:

[Lisa] Jackson, 50, a chemical engineer by training and a mom of two teenagers, offered no reason for her resignation other than saying she’s ready for “new challenges, time with my family and new opportunities to make a difference.” She said she was leaving the EPA “confident the ship is sailing in the right direction.”

Actual reason:

This month, at the prodding of congressional Republicans, the EPA’s inspector general said he was opening an inquiry into Jackson’s use of a secondary e-mail account for official business.She said she had the account — named “Richard Windsor” after the name of her dog and her former home in Windsor Township, N.J. — because her public e-mail address was well known.

This is what we call a “stealth” catastrophic meltdown: Jackson’s ability to function in DC effectively cratered as soon as this came out, anyway.  A pity that the Media won’t destroy this woman’s reputation for the way that she hypocritically  contravened good-government transparency, but at least she’s going to be gone.  And good riddance.

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  1. I dunno, it’s hard to feel good about skins on the wall like this one, when you know that the replacement will most likely be worse. I mean, we’ll probably get the head of Earth First, or something.

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