Let me explain that TP VRA sneer I just did.

OK, maybe I need to explain this one a little:

Short version is, ThinkProgress is whining about gerrymandering again: specifically, they added up all the votes for Democratic House candidates, all of the votes for Republican ones, cried “A-HA!” at the way that the one was marginally higher than the other, and decided that it was all due to gerrymandering, GERRYMANDERING, I SAY!!!!!

…Which is actually kind of true, but it’s Democratic gerrymandering that’s the problem. Specifically, it’s the way that the Democrats – with enthusiastic Republican support, to be sure – create majority-minority districts that are guaranteed to return Democratic candidates with ridiculously high percentages. If you don’t think that this has an effect on election turnout (in a country which is pretty much an effective 50/50 split between the two parties), well… you probably read ThinkProgress in a non-ironic fashion. Which is to say, you’re an idiot.

But the people who write for TP are a little smarter, so I can only assume that this is part of a plan to break up majority-minority Democratic districts in order to get some more white Democrats elected. Yes, I know that this is kind of vile; then again, so is TP.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Let me explain that TP VRA sneer I just did.”

  1. Well .. using Illinois as an example .. if they were to split some of the majority-minority districts in Chicago and use them to increase Dem participation in the ‘burbs, they could do some serious damage.
    It looks like, population-wise, they could merge the western halves of IL-16, IL-11, and IL-14, and create at least two new Dem-majority districts by merging the eastern halves in with parts of the current IL-1, IL-3, IL-6, and IL-13..
    They wouldn’t be *majority* minority, but they would be solidly Dem…

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