An interesting, if mildly depressing, exchange on Obamacare.

“Mildly depressing” because apparently J-School doesn’t require much reading of actual, real political theory.

Goodness gracious, but check this out. Background: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey called Obamacare first ‘socialist,’ then ‘fascist,’ then regretted calling it fascist because the Left is generally too ill-educated to understand the difference between National Socialism and economic fascism* -so they were thus all getting hung up in their own ignorance, and thus omitting to address Mackey’s point. Cue CNN Carol Costello, who gave a stunning demonstration of same.

So, once Mackey had dumbed it down again for the nice talking head, we get this exchange:

Costello then asked, “But why inject yourself into the debate over ObamaCare in the first place?”

Mackey responded that he provides health insurance for 73,000 Whole Foods employees and some provisions of Obama’s health care law will raise his company’s costs. “It’s making it more difficult to provide the insurance at affordable rates to our team members, so I’m trying to protect them as well as I can,” he said.

“I think, though, that many of your customers probably wouldn’t agree with you since, I don’t know, you kind of run a store that appeals to the more liberal in America in some ways,” Costello replied.

“I don’t understand what your question or your point is,” Mackey said.

I suspect that Mackey was being nice.  The question was Why are you publicly disagreeing with your customers on a political issue? and the  point was HERETIC! UNBELIEVER!  Which Mackey almost certainly knew, although I’m not sure that Carol Costello did.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Short version: you don’t actually need to be xenophobic genocidal racists in order to have an economic system where the government controls all the businesses. Although I would be the first to admit that anti-Semitism seems to flourish under this kind of state-controlled economic policy…

5 thoughts on “An interesting, if mildly depressing, exchange on Obamacare.”

  1. “[T]he Left is generally too ill-educated to understand the difference between National Socialism and economic fascism”

    This is something I’ve struggled with often when trying to describe to a Liberal that the form of economic system they favor is Italian model fascism.

    “Calling me a NAZI??! Goodwin’s law!!1!” and the leave in a huff.

    This happened frequently when I was tweeting mightily against Liz Warren, who’s economic policies can only be described as fascism.

    Obama may only be a cynical opportunist, busting out the treasury like a mobster busting out a night club, but Progressives are by their very nature Fascists and he’s not protesting being put into the il Duce role.

  2. Well, Mussolini’s gang balanced out their lack of outright Jew-hatred with an penchant for abusing Africans.

  3. Ummm… I shop at Whole Foods. Not for everything, not a rockstar! One of the few places that has clearly-marked gluten-free items that Don’t taste like cardboard.
    I’ll just point out that the only ones who can afford to shop there are *employed*.

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