Have to say, treating the second Inauguration…

…as a somewhat cheesier sequel to a film that wasn’t really all that good to begin with turned out to be the smart option.  I ate my wings, made lunch for my kids, and generally didn’t feel the lack of covering the blessed thing at all.

Why am I mentioning this, I hear some ask? – Surely this is a rhetorical question.  It’s because of all those lurkers out there who are desperately looking for Righty despair right now in order to achieve orgasm.  I’m sure that they’ll find it, out there: just not, you know, here.

Moe Lane

PS: None of this means that Teriyaki – geez, Firefox, it’s a real word – is an optimal sauce for wings; I should have stuck with BBQ.  Perhaps my lurkers can take comfort in that, at least?  It’s not much, but I feel kind of bad to get the hitcount and not give anything back.

18 thoughts on “Have to say, treating the second Inauguration…”

  1. Louisiana Red Devil sauce is optimal for wings. Marinate overnight in the fridge before cooking, preferably deep-fried.

    1. Deep fried?!
      Baked. 400 F for an hour. Turn half way through. Use a broiling pan, because the fat will render out and fry the skin, then drip off.

      1. That’s ok, but in my experience doesn’t produce the desired (by me) crispy exterior. If you want that, it will work, though.

        1. Maybe not as crispy as frying, but one thing it does is dry the wings out. Dump them immediately into the sauce and they suck it up like little sponges.

  2. Four years ago today, I was at a job interview in San Diego. The company I was interviewing with had projectors and tvs all tuned in to watch the inauguration.

    Four years later, I have a job in South Florida, and no one at work cares at all to watch the second inaugural.

    For myself, I’m spending the festivities watching “Beer and BoardGames” on YouTube.

  3. I’m pretty ambivalent. It’s not like the inaugural is gonna *change* anything.
    I have seen FAR more MLK-related posts on FB than Obama-related ones; I predict that it provides a good guess for the future .. history will mention Obama as the first black president and that the economy under him sucked .. and will quickly move on.

    1. Can you prove, using publicly available data, that we aren’t there already, Catseyes?
      Just checking …

  4. A presidents first is worth celebrating, the second, not so much. Short version: more of the same. What else can he say? He is a partisan, it’s not like he will change and suddenly become conservative.

  5. Sooooo…. something happened today? I was working for the first time this year.
    “I feel kind of bad to get the hitcount and not give anything back.”
    …….Why? I wouldn’t urinate in a lefty’s mouth if his teeth were on fire.

  6. Sorry. I was at BWI and missed it all. I guess I’ll take consolation in the free alcohol I received during the hotel’s happy hour.

  7. I didn’t watch it. I took my kids roller skating. My mom called and I had to tell her 3 times I didn’t want to discusss it. Despite my avoidance though the reality hit me pretty hard and I had a very had time sleeping last night.

    still nothing replaces the first time you take your 4 yr. old skating and see the fury in her little blue eyes as she blames you for every fall.

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