Pro Bowl.

This has to be seen to be believed. Of course, I’ve never actually seen the Pro Bowl. Is this normal?

Yes, feel free to get out your frustrations about the Pro Bowl. I’m gathering that the ability to so express one’s frustrations is more popular than the Pro Bowl itself.

6 thoughts on “Pro Bowl.”

  1. I must admit that the Pro Bowl is a supportive evidence of your argument that football is too dangerous. The pro bowl has basketball type scores and crazy kicks like this because none of the players take it seriously. The reason is simple, they are their in Hawaii on an earned vacation, who wants to get injured on vacation?

  2. The NFL has been openly talking about eliminating the Pro Bowl for a while now; the biggest obstacle is that many players have incentive clauses in their contracts that get them extra money if they make the Pro Bowl.

    At least they’ve moved it back to Hawaii, instead of the foolish notion of having it in the same stadium as the Super Bowl, just a week earlier.

  3. Why not move the Pro Bowl to the week after the Super Bowl? That way, many of the players in the Super Bowl can go instead of passing on an obvious opportunity to get injured? It won’t hurt the Pro Bowl’s ratings, such as they are; it may even help.

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