I got one thing to say about this Occupy comic that DC Comics is doing.

Or, more accurately, this “Let’s crack the Occupy movement’s bones for the marrow!” comic that DC Comics is doing:


(H/T Hot Air)


You know, nothing says ‘iconoclastic, anti-corporate populist movement’ quite like a shot that combines the regurgitation of a tired old iconic image from a thoroughly discredited ideology, combined with a mass-produced, corporate-produced cheap gimcrack.  I mean, the only way that that image even works is if the eventual comic will make it clear that the original Occupiers were merely ineffectual sheep without agency who were easily programmed into doing the bidding of the very Establishment that they were putatively and futilely protesting*. Hence, the symbolic enslavement of the Commie iconography by a trendy and vacuous pop-slogan wristband, available in Hot Topics all across America!

What? No, I don’t feel sorry for the Occupiers for the way that they’re being exploited like this.  I don’t even disapprove.  I just wish that I could get a cut of the proceeds.

Moe Lane

*Which is what actually happened; but the Activist Left kind of hates self-analysis that touches too much on objective reality.

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