Scott Walker opts Wisconsin out of Medicare expansion.

Gee, no bias in this at all:

Gov. Scott Walker announced Wednesday that he won’t propose expanding Medicaid services in Wisconsin, breaking with other Republican governors who decided to accept federal money for an expansion as offered under the health care overhaul law.

And, from later in the article:

So far, six Republican governors have agreed to the Medicaid expansion, while fourteen have turned it down.

Which means that it was those six Republican governors that have been doing the breaking, Sparky. And every single one of ’em is keeping close to the exit, setting it up so that the legislature could tell ’em no, or both.

Sheesh. The media we have today!

2 thoughts on “Scott Walker opts Wisconsin out of Medicare expansion.”

  1. I’ve been calling them the Accomplice Media, but maybe “Suckweasel Media” would be a better term …

  2. As these new programs help to bankrupt the states, this will just be one more reason for the poor to migrate to Medicare expansion states while the productive head the other way.

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