So I guess John McCain’s gearing up for not running for re-election in 2016.

This is just me guessing.

Ain’t that a shame.


I’d post something more, but I’m a) emotionally drained; and b) have been pretty much done with John McCain since 2008 anyway. Hope he has an honorable retirement and I recommend no boots thrown at his head on the way out. The idea is to ease him out of that seat, and replace it.

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  1. yeah, the last time John McCain and Barack Obama got together, we will running protection for the Muslim Brotherhood.

  2. not me. I called his office today and gave them an earful. And I was, let’s just say, on McCain’s side during the 2000 primary.

    And yes, I called Lizzie Graham’s office today and let them have it as well. Nothing personal against the peon’s of course, just their egotistical RINO bosses.

  3. I’d have been happy to “ease him out” after 2000 .. or 2008.
    The time for the old man to get off the stage is long past, and he’s been demonstrating it more and more clearly.
    Now, I’m more than willing to be nice if we can get McCain to take Graham with him into retirement. Lindsay has been pretty much glued to McCain’s flank for years …

  4. You sure he’s not just planning on a party switch? It would let him reconcile with his true constituents — the press.

    1. That’d pretty much guarantee he joins Arlen Spector on the senior golf tour…

          1. I know how I forgot that, assuming I even noticed. September had Benghazi, Afghanistan, et al, and the various apparent cover ups. Very rage inducing, which induces stress, which generally does bad things to memory. I also had some personal issues to handle. October comes around, and the campaign is ongoing. Then election day happened. Despite my intent, I’d invested too much emotionally into Romney’s chances. Thus, the loss was more stressful than it should have been.
            I missed hearing about the September/October death of a man that I greatly like and respect. (He might have been a Democrat, and that is still true in that case.) I found out the day before Thanksgiving, and was deeply grieved.

  5. Well it’s a shame, to the extent that McCain was good for getting the base excited and riled up. I mean, I originally signed up for a RedState account specifically to bitch about McCain back in 2005 or so.

  6. McCain revealed himself today to be nothing more than a bitter, old has-been. Nothing wrong with being old, only if one does not do it gracefully. He ceded the election to Obama in 08, and spends to much time on their side of the aisle.

    Today’s disrespectful behavior by McCain and Graham was an insult not only to the Senators, but to millions of Americans who happen to vote GOP. Funny how he gauged Paul’s audience as “30 year old libertarians in their dorm rooms,” I got the sense that most of us who were watching are well past 30. 🙂

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