Well, that’s the last of the Mass Effect 3 DLC.

Hell of a run.  Bastards managed to get me from laughing hysterically to tearing up in about five seconds, too. Trust me: you’ll know when.


I’m going to miss this game.  I truly am.

4 thoughts on “Well, that’s the last of the Mass Effect 3 DLC.”

  1. Why are you saying good-bye? It’s like saying good-bye to
    There’s talk of Mass Effect 4, because one of the endings (not going to say which one here). But that would just piss everyone off.
    However they could do the First Contact War, Geth War, Rachni Wars, or Krogan Rebellions. Expand on the history of Mass Effect and make those game(s) a RTS. I think that would be a better idea myself.

  2. The ending(s) were unquestionably put in place to leave the door open for future games in the Mass Effect universe. I’m sure the furor pushed those plans back, but it’s rare that a successful video game doesn’t get resurrected. No way EA is going to let the valuable Intellectual Property languish for long. Especially if the DLC for ME3 sold well.
    The fun thing about games that you actually physically own… You can revisit the old friends whenever you want. You’ll play them again. And taking the Mako through the [censored] will still be fricking awesome. (If not quite as magical as the first time, you’ll remember how magical it was.)

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