Well. Ernest “Snake under my desk” Hewett was denied female interns?

Via @vermontaigne comes this update on that snake-under-his-desk state Democratic politician who until quite recently was a power in the Connecticut legislature.  Short version: the aforementioned sleazebag (one Ernest Hewett) turns out to have had a long history of being tacitly kept away from the female interns. In that last link, Chris Powell asks some questions:

For if Hewett really has “a history of bad behavior” toward female interns, why did his party’s leadership conceal it for so long?

Indeed, why was it concealed for so long even by female legislators on the intern committee like [Intern Committee co-chair Mae] Flexer?

And why did [Connecticut Speaker J Brendan] Sharkey appoint such a legislator deputy speaker?

The answers, of course, are as follows:  Hewett is a Democrat; Flexer was expected by the male leadership to shut up and mind her place; and… well.  If I were even to think the phrase “affirmative action” then I’d be branded a racist for that thought, of course.  Besides, it’s an over-complicated answer anyway.  It’s much simpler just to assume that the Connecticut Democratic leadership defaults to just not caring if one of their members act obnoxiously towards women.

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  1. Gotta love the pal popping off in his defense, “He’s the victim.” The epitome of abuser (emotional, physical, substance) mentality.

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