6 thoughts on ““The Worst Day Since Yesterday.””

  1. I always refer to it as Drinking with amateurs day. There will always be “that guy” in the bar with a wet spot in the crotch because he couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time. He’s squinting and the beer goggles are apparent.

    1. This holiday can be pure hell to anybody who is legitimately Irish-American and/or descended from same. I totally understand the horror that some Mexican-Americans feel when they see what Cinco de Mayo is being turned into in this country…

  2. Besides that I do Irish dance and there are more shows than you can shake a stick at, from bars to retirement homes. Don’t mind the latter, but the former you have to deal with the same guy above thinking he can do a jig and try to rush the stage.

  3. Look on thw bight side, you have a proud heritage with traditions that you can pass to you kids. I’m Belgian, wow, not much to pass on there except quality Trappist Ales

  4. I have to say, this is my theme song. Love early Flogging Molly (their 1st 3 albums). Like their last couple albums, but I wish they weren’t quite so *constantly* shilling for the Left, but that’s the entertainment industry.

    Larry Correia and a couple other authors carpet bombed a Facebook thread about the Left’s ‘sanitation’ of Speculative Fiction. Fun read, if you find it.

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