…Well, that was certainly a day at CPAC.

My video camera is showing its age, the traditional Politician Migration Patterns were all messed up from CPAC being in a new site, and apparently my cell phone network has decided to go off the grid and go live in a shack in Wyoming.  Seriously, Verizon apparently erased the cell phone from the timeline itself; I can’t get them to admit that it ever existed, let alone that it exists now and has a phone number that I’d like to keep because that’s what’s on my business cards.

I suspect that there will be no CPAC attendance for me on Friday.  There’s some stuff that needs straightening out.

Moe Lane

PS: One bright spot of the day? I received some nice unsolicited compliments from various professional colleagues.  Flattering, but appreciated.

PPS: Other bright spot? Seeing a bunch of Senators speak who had been put there via the efforts of a lot of grassroots activists.