“I love you, Grunt.”

I can’t believe that I haven’t linked to this yet.  I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite bit from Citadel:

Mind you, my Shepard has a different haircut.

6 thoughts on ““I love you, Grunt.””

  1. I just wish Bioware had animated some more life into their character’s faces. The “dead eye” thing robs the scene of so much potential comedy.

    1. You get Wrex as a party member. You can do a Krogan squad. There is one incredibly insane sequence that will… no, I say too much.

      1. Still kinda disappointed in a sense; I did the DLC right after the Geth Dreadnaught mission and there was no dumb “Let’s play some on-line multiplayer, Legion” vignette. I mean, it WAS alive the whole time and just didn’t bother to leave the war room? What’s up with that?

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