Told you; light posting. But I won today.

Because I got this hat:


Damn straight I wore it in public. You know how you see something cool, and you go get the money to buy it, and then you come back to discover that some guy had bought it in the meantime? Well, today I was Some Guy. It is, indeed, a heady feeling.

Back to regular posting tomorrow.

Moe Lane

PS: I would be remiss, of course, if I did not mention, the site of the woman who made this hat. Her Kickstarter is here.

8 thoughts on “Told you; light posting. But I won today.”

  1. Little known fact unless you’re a multigenerational Northern Minnesotan:

    The earliest groups of marauding Vikings who rowed clear to Greenland and took it for themselves were drawn from the frozen and starved and hardened-by-adversity northernmost Scandihoovians, for whom little welcome existed back home, their being extra mouths to feed and also frequently being in jail or in imminent danger of being in jail or at least wished by many to be in jail.

    It wasn’t until much later in the settlement’s saga that the more southern-born of The Tribes began sending infrequent but regular boatloads of their own ne’er-do-wells over to the vast and empty plateaus of Greenland. By that time, Greenland was no longer the raucous and violent wilderness that it had been for its first several decades; towns had been established, social networks developed, and unclear liberal consensuses had begun to form generally across the entire cohort.

    It was only in the latter part of this second, contractive, period of Greenland’s history – while Greenland was experiencing its abrupt switch from the unusually warm period that had allowed for the land to be farmed for much of the year back to its more normal frigid and snow-covered bad self – it was only then that groups of people from the Scandinavies began to choose – voluntarily, unasked – to strike off to Greenland in search of easier, less confrontational lives.

    Thus, your hat. What you have there appears to be very similar to the ceremonial headgear worn by the peoples who gathered together in some of the very first GLBT-Viking arts-centered settlements along the southern coast of Greenland. Made from the plumage of local birds and the skins of woolly caterpillars, these hats made a welcome (if smelly) addition to the festive party atmosphere so craved by these settlers.

    Sadly, as the weather became too cold to endure, many of these people perished of sickness and starvation. One small group was able to struggle southwards, finally stopping in a warmer land and establishing a small group on Manhattan Island. Ceremonial headgear such as yours still surfaces out of “lost” family collections from time to time.

    1. Bah. If I was twenty years younger and single, this hat would banned in the War Between The Sexes as being a weapon of mass attraction. Of course, you need to be my age and safely married off in order to work this hat properly. The universe will have its balance, it seems.

  2. “Man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything”

  3. That said you can always justify it on the basis of it looks warm. Living North of you in Michigan Looking warm is a big deal.

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