6 thoughts on ““Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Choral Version).””

  1. I’m really looking forward to a non-spoilery review from you (or as close as you care to get) for Infinite.

  2. I just finished it tonight. I can honestly say, the ending made profoundly sad and profoundly angry.

  3. Everything I’ve seen indicates that this is the ultimate in anti-American propaganda. Is this not the case? It looks gorgeous. I’d like to get it but I’m not going to plop down 60 bucks to be told America and it’s trappings are inherently rascist and evil. I pay tuition for that.

    1. I am a hardcore American exceptionalist, and so far I am not screaming for the designers’ blood. Spoilers mean that I can’t really go into where and how they put up a bright line between Columbia and America, but it’s there. This is a game that has strong horror elements to it, and one of them is in seeing American iconography perverted and twisted, like a Black Mass perverts and twists Catholic ritual. At least, that’s the reaction that I’m having so far.

    1. No problem. Bear in mind, though: I have to play this game when my kids are asleep, so I haven’t gotten all that far along in it yet.

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