Nine words to explain gun control enthusiasts?

Arrogant much, Moe?

I think that the sentence below explains it all: the reason why gun control enthusiasts tend to be remarkably ignorant of the thing that they’re trying to ban, the reason why gun control opponents typically come off as the sensible people in any given setting, the reason why all gun control disputes follow the Tragedy -> Hysteria -> Demagoguery -> Nothing Changes narrative arc, the whole shmeer.  Here you go:

Gun control arguments are based on emotion, not reason.

Nine words that will probably infuriate the average gun control enthusiast.  Which is kind of the point.

Moe Lane

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      1. Of course, the majority of voters last election seem to have voted for a candidate based on how that made them feel about themselves.
        So it’s a difference entirely too people might pick up on.

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