Barack Obama to Hawaii, West Coast: [expletive deleted] off.

(Hypothetical) North Korean missiles ain’t going to hit DC or Chicago, and that’s no doubt the important thing:

The Pentagon will request $9.16 billion for missile defense programs for the 2014 fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, about $550 million less than this year’s $9.71 billion, according to internal budget figures obtained by Bloomberg News.

The missile defense proposal scheduled to be released April 10 is part of a $526.6 billion defense budget President Barack Obama will propose, according to government officials familiar with the budget plan who asked not to be named discussing it in advance.

Via Hot Air.  …Oh, just read the whole thing: Ed Morrissey made the same comments that I would, including the bit about how a nuke can really negatively impact an environment impact statement.  All I can add is that it’s a good thing that hijacked, Soviet-era plutonium is apparently not something that the Russian Mafia is insane enough to sell in job lots*… because that’s probably the major reason why the nuclear club doesn’t include Kimjonilland right now…

Moe Lane

*Or else they’re just selling it to countries that have no intention of nuking Russia anyway.