I’m sorry.

I will not – in some ways, cannot – remain calm about the Kermit Gosnell case.  I cannot make myself revisit the testimony, I cannot bear to look at the pictures, and I cannot maintain any sort of detachment about this.  My hands clench involuntarily into fists when I think about it for too long.

I don’t want this man and what he’s done in my head.

11 thoughts on “I’m sorry.”

  1. As I get older, I find myself more and more in sympathy with the pro-life movement. And this case just kicks that into overdrive. The callousness, the purposeful blindness, the breath-taking tolerance for evil…

  2. Is the Gosnell case all that different from what happens over and over again every minute in this country? Perhaps the setting wasn’t as clinically neat and tidy, but this is what abortion is.

    1. What really gets me is the utter disregard for the life of that baby. Jokes about walking him home, testimony of muffled cries and he just does what he does. I know justice will eventually prevail, be it this life or after his life is over.

  3. I have posted and reposted this story to my FB page and even challenged my “friends” that if they did not find this horrific or even for a MOMENT caught themselves searching for a rationalization for this … action … they needed to un-friend me; we would never have anything to speak about again and that there was no way in Heaven or Hell that we could truly be “Friends.”

    Shhhhh… Be quiet about it, and just go away…forever.

      1. Strangely enough I don’t feel angry — I want to be, but I can’t get past the horror of it all. Few things in my life have made me drop to my knees and pray fervently for God’s mercy to spare humanity from righteous wrath — this is one of them.

  4. I agree, but the shame is this is exactly what abortionists are counting on – what they do is too horrible to even be discussed, so it goes on.

  5. Gosnell is a serial killer who found a victim-class that nobody moved to protect. He’s John Wayne Gacy without the clown mask.
    I decline to think too hard on the issue otherwise as that leads to madness.

  6. The horror is more than we can bear, those of us with even one ounce of humanity. I liken him and those who support infanticide and the genocide of the unborn to Nazis. I know people don’t like that, but everything that has been revealed about the callous indifference and total lack of empathy or sympathy for a human life is the same type of person who carried out the atrocities of the Third Reich. People decried what happened in Germany, and said they “didn’t know,” but they did. America knew too…

    They’ll be another name for this generation’s monsters, but the behavior is the same as those of Hitler’s Germany.

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