2 thoughts on “Well, Bioshock Infinite made sense AT THE TIME…”

  1. They never really fleshed the Vox out beyond “rebelling oppressed/exploited members of the underclass” Lots of visual allusions to communism/marxism, but not really stated explicitly. Given how explicit Lavine was with Comstock’s desires, the relative lack of detail with the Vox was disappointing.

    I’m going through it a second time, and it’s really reinforcing my initial impression. Lavine had an axe to grind and couldn’t bring himself to do his usual good job of being even handed with his story. Sad, because it robbed the Vox of a lot of narrative impact. They are hinted at and talked about hushed tones, then revealed to be a run of the mill angry mob with a love of red sashes, and then fairly quickly relegated to generic cannon fodder. Their active part in the story was over pretty quickly.

    1. Interesting. I may be a bit too familiar with Western history to be able to judge: the bit about going after everyone with a gun and everybody with glasses sounded like the Mob to a T. 🙂

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