A very nice gesture from Raven Software.

I had mentioned that I was thinking of picking up Singularitytime-traveling 1950s Cold War shoot-em-up? Sounds neat-o – and the folks over at Raven Software sent over a copy.


Having it signed was the neat part; that’s both flattering and appreciated.  I’ll let folks know how it plays.

2 thoughts on “A very nice gesture from Raven Software.”

  1. As the Raven employee who sent this along to you, I have to do my duty and say that any opinions I express on this website are my own and are not Raven or Activision’s as a whole. (Just have to make sure people know that sending it along was my personal action and not the company’s.) I did wander about gathering signatures and suck in the foul smell of those paint markers, though…./dizzy/ Hope you have fun playing it, and I’m looking forward to hearing what you thought.

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