It’s Gomez v. Markey in the Massachusetts Senate Special election.

Gabriel Gomez is a former Navy SEAL and current businessman; Ed Markey is a fairly cookie-cutter Massachusetts Congresscritter who has been in Congress for as long as my wife has been alive.  Markey’s probably best known for writing that ridiculous carbon tax bill Waxman-Markey that Harry Reid gulped and buried in a mineshaft; unless, of course, you score “comparing Citizens United to Dred Scott” as being higher, lower, or Just Plain Dumber on the scale of goofball ideas.

Can Gabriel Gomez win?  Sure.  Will he win, absent Massachusetts Republican support?  No.  It all depends on how hungry people are for the seat. And what their priorities are. ‘Course, I’m in Maryland these days, where the problem is, if anything, more acute…

Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “It’s Gomez v. Markey in the Massachusetts Senate Special election.”

    1. If I am in Maryland, I am lost. Or I had such a great invite to a Eastern Shore crab feast, that I was willing to temporarily give up all my freedoms at the border.

      I have fond memories of the Eastern Shore and many of the people there. But Maryland is not Doc country, so I eat my crabs and watch sailboats in freer locales. Taxachussetts, well, lefty like Maryland without the charm.

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