Unionizing fast-food workers. :rolling eyes: Yeah, *that’ll* fly.

I just deleted a eight paragraph post on this account of what will be a doomed attempt to organize fast food workers in Detroit (yeah, I know: the timing was perfect, huh?).  As you might guess, I was not impressed with their chances for success; alas, I was also boring, so I just deleted the whole dang thing.  Bottom line: there are reasons why Big Labor hasn’t been able to organize fast food employees before*.

Moe Lane

PS: I suppose that I should note that I own a few shares of McDonald’s stock.  God only knows where they are at this point.

*Not least of which is: any half-smart franchise willing to contemplate letting the unions in would absolutely insist on mandatory drug testing.  It’d be the only way to get useless workers fired under that scenario**.

**I spent seven years at the Scotsman as a spatula serf.  Who was smoking weed, back then?  God love you, man: who wasn’t smoking weed?  From the store manager on down.  NTIWKAAT, of course.