…So, Pat Smith would have the same ‘absolute moral authority’ as Cindy Sheehan, right? #benghazi

Just checking.

Pat Smith wishes Hillary Clinton a Happy Mothers day, noting that Hillary’s got her kid but “I dont have mine – because of her.”

Video at the link – and no, that’s not particularly out of context, either.  I’ll be honest; I don’t buy into the absolute moral authority argument.  But a large section of the antiwar movement did, and so I’d like to hear them either a). admit that it was all hypocritical BS on their part; or b). start savaging Hillary Clinton just as viciously as they tried to savage George W. Bush.  Either will suit, really.  Because, again: under the Left’s own rules this woman absolutely must be answered.  Not my rules: the Left’s.  I expect the antiwar Left to live by its own moral code, even if it can’t live by a mainstream one…

Moe Lane

PS: Winding up Cindy Sheehan all those years ago and releasing her in the direction of George W Bush – all to try to win a Presidential election – was pretty contemptible.  Just wanted to remind people.

4 thoughts on “…So, Pat Smith would have the same ‘absolute moral authority’ as Cindy Sheehan, right? #benghazi”

  1. The Left has just one rule, and it is “Just win, baby”.
    Cindy Sheehan was a handy club to hit Bush with. No more, no less. Few things would have made them happier than her dying while staging a hunger strike.
    Cynical, yes. But is my take cynical enough?

  2. As long as no one is forcing Pat Smith to say these things, I honestly don’t have a problem. Cindy Sheehan was detestable to say the least, but she had every right to say whatever she wanted.
    There is a difference between the two: One was killed in combat. One was murder in a terrorist attack. I don’t know, but I think one mother has more of a right to be outraged.

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