8 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Moo Hoo Bwah Hah edition.”

  1. Mmm. Not buying it. The homeowner’s association would actually have committed a federal offense by denying someone the right to fly an American flaq in their yard. There must be more to this story.

    1. Finding a lawyer and fighting the association in court… $$$$$$$
      Painting the house… $$
      Yeah… While there likely is more to the story, this wouldn’t be the first nor last time a homeowners association decided to overstep …

    2. Apparently it was a historical commission, not a homeowner’s association: it’s still a Hawaiian Good Luck Symbol, though. 🙂

      1. Oh, no doubt, Moe. No doubt. And good for the guy for doing it. But I’m glad to hear I was right about my suspicions.
        acat, I’m confused. So, you think that someone who would back off putting an American flag in their yard because of homeowner’s association harassment would spend the time and/or money to paint their whole house, when he almost certainly WOULD get a smackdown from the association as a consequence? Garish paint jobs are something they would be able to veto, as a general rule…even if the garishness in question is awesomely patriotic and cool.

        1. Guess it’s not the case in this case, but you get a story every few months about an HOA starting trouble over flags. Several that come to mind:

          -About 2 years ago they went after a retired Marine for flying a flag on a flagpole, saying he installed it, which is against the C&R. The flagpole had been there for something like 35 years, and was why he bought the house to begin with. HOA backed off after public outcry, but not before it went viral on the net.
          -An HOA around here about a year ago banned flying flag outside the home. So homeowner put it in the window, they still went after him, trying to get a lien on his house. His neighbor painted his garage to look like the flag, which caused a big legal fight he won because all the C&R said was the garage had to be painted.

          HOA’s don’t exactly act rationally, in my experience. Ours, when I lived in Maryland as a kid, went after us for the color of the cloth cover on our swing-set. They’d approved the plans and colors before we even bought the thing. We even changed it twice, to colors from their constantly updating pool of acceptable colors, at their request, but apparently that wasn’t enough. That whole mess lasted 2 years, with repeated court appearances, the most egregious over allowing the HOA to seize the house and evict us (they lost that one), and only ultimately got resolved because dad got the Andrews AFB JAG office involved. They did similar things with some of the neighbors. Turns out the military doesn’t like it when HOA’s go full totalitarian on a street full of spooks.

  2. HOA that over reach like this case usually have agenda by several leftist board members. The members of the HOA need to take control away and run for openings, get the LEFTISTS out. If not be the victim, and shut up .

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