Alyssa Rosenberg is too goram smart for Think Progress.

She needs to be snapped up by Buzzfeed or something.  Anywhere where I don’t feel mildly dirty for linking to it

In terms of establishing its independent brand, PBS should absolutely adore the state of television right now. The reality glut may be irritating to donors who would like to see American tastes turn towards something more high-minded. But the fact that not everyone is going into the business of prestige family soaps and British imports actually makes it vastly easier for PBS to distinguish itself, find large audiences for programming like Downton Abbey, and prove to private donors, foundations, and the U.S. government that it’s meeting needs that no other channel has bothered to try to fulfill, along with providing access to things like high-quality children’s programming in areas where it might not otherwise be financially viable. If I were PBS president and CEO Paula Kerger, in fact, I would be slipping unmarked bills in plain envelopes under the table to Animal Planet to keep producing things like Mermaids: The New Evidence, trust that people who are disgusted by such things will arrive at a state of high dudgeon all by their own selves, and then use my advertising budget to put a lot of .GIFs of the Dowager Countess being awesome or clips of Ken Burns being eloquent on video advertising slots all over the place.

Heck, PBS should hire her to be their advertising manager.  And blogger.

Moe Lane


Martha Speaks is a freaking life-saver.  PBS Kids has a lot of that.

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  1. My Northern Irish mother didn’t care for Sesame Street because, “They use poor grammar.”

    Yeah, Mom was *that mom*.

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