Jim Graves (D CAND, MN-06) cuts and runs.

:snort: No kidding.

As of today, Jim Graves is going to indefinitely suspend his campaign for Congress from the 6th District.

Translation: He is not running. He is dropping out of politics to concentrate on his family and his business.

This is, of course, Michele Bachmann’s district; and absent Ms. Bachmann from the campaign environment the chances of Jim Graves of getting significant outside support for his doomed candidacy would have been somewhere between zip and nil.  Heck, Graves even admits to it in the article. Brutal truth of it is, a R+8 district is not within reach of the average Democrat this cycle.


Contemplate that, folks.

Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “Jim Graves (D CAND, MN-06) cuts and runs.”

  1. The only reason it was ever close was because of Bachmann. What I’d like to see is a few more Dems opting out for a run specifically in Districts 1 and 7, that are GOP leaning but are held by incumbent Democrats.

  2. Happy to see a Dem with some common sense.
    That said, the Dems routinely run someone in every race, hail mary play or no .. so why not here?

  3. Brave Sir Robin was heard to exclaim “I scared off Bachmann! I won! I scared off Bachmann!” as he fled the field of battle…

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