Heh. Smart of you, Agatha.

Heh. Smart of you, Agatha.:

And when he wakes up, be sure to sweetly let him know that he’s just volunteered to be your bodyguard. Forever. After all, every person trying to kill the Heterodyne will probably figure that it’s easier just to kill the guy standing next to her, and get a two-for-one deal.

And of course she’s going to tell the world that.

4 thoughts on “Heh. Smart of you, Agatha.”

  1. I was just thinking, “I like the way she thinks…” Now she needs to make a little steam powered cage on wheels for him.

  2. hes apparently failed to notice that she only needs him ALIVE. she does not need him free or in control. She could make her own radio-head out of him and Violetta.

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