Nancy Pelosi: my Roman Catholicism requires me to be pro-choice!


What does this even MEAN?

At a Thursday press conference, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi condemned a bill that would prohibit abortions during the final four months of pregnancy with exceptions for when the life or physical health of the mother was at stake.

Asked what the moral difference is between what Dr. Kermit Gosnell did to babies born alive and aborting those same infants moments before birth, Pelosi refused to answer.

“As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this,” Pelosi said. “This shouldn’t have anything to do with politics.”

I hesitate to offer spiritual counseling, but dear GOD.  Nancy Pelosi’s confessor should immediately quit his job and go live in a Trappist monastery for a while.  The man is clearly not doing his job properly.

Moe Lane

PS: Remember: this is the person that the Democratic party wants to be the next Speaker of the House.  Because the Democratic leadership is apparently barking mad.

19 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi: my Roman Catholicism requires me to be pro-choice!”

  1. I remember a very conservative Knights of Columbus friend saying he thought God might be lenient with Barack Obama, given his upbringing. But he said, he would never want to change places with Nancy Pelosi when she stands at the Gates of Heaven. Dante never got to describe the special ring reserved for Pelosi (and Biden).

  2. The Roman Catholic Church really should be denying communion and excommunicating some of these politicians who claim to be among their followers.

    1. Too many liberals slipped into the church (and into positions of power therein) back in the ’60s ..
      This may explain why many more rational catholics have slipped *out* since.

          1. Nah, given Palin’s age, she’s probably got the Jane Curtain / Dan Akroyd sound track in her head.
            “Nancy, you ignorant slut….”

    2. I’ll be content if they just excommunicate Nancy Pelosi, such statements are ridiculous.

      1. Funny, I’d be willing to accept some public rebukes by *ANY* U.S. Catholic bishop.
        (I’d even be willing to be happy if a *priest* makes some noise…in public)

        1. Pope Benedict supposedly privately admonished her. But that didn’t make big news.

  3. Nancy Pelosi is very firmly off in “Dead men DO bleed!” territory, but we pretty much knew that already.

  4. This issue scares the bejebus out of libs. I say full steam ahead. Make them all answer the damn question.

  5. Someone needs to explain to Pelousy that her “faith” is apparently Baalism, not Catholicism.

  6. Lot of non-practicing former Catholics around these days. Crawford I don’t think the Baal worshipers would have her.

    1. There’s some archaeological evidence that they sacrificed infants to Baal. That would explain why the practice is “sacred ground” to her.

  7. Nancy was born in the wrong time, she would have made a great handmaiden to Hitler.

  8. Is this a game meme? My 2nd amendment support requires me to control guns! My 1st amendment support requires me to control speech I don’t like. Wheeeeee. This is fun! If not so illogical self-refuting. Like Pelosi.

  9. The most obvious, coherent meaning is that her “Catholicism” requires her to dodge the question.

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